Tuesday 18 November 2014

RIP Blog.

It's official the blog is dead. The stench of decay has been dealt with.

If you wish keep up with what I am doing please check out my website or facebook page. You can also sign up for my newsletter (sign up form is over there on the right).

Comments have been disabled due to large amounts of spam. If you want to contact me please email abscondituscreations (a) gmail.com

Nikki :-)

Sunday 25 August 2013

I live!

Apologies for being horrendously bad at blogging. At a market yesterday someone mentioned that they loved my blog and it got me thinking how slack I've been at updating. I tried a few times they just never got longer than a sentence or two. I promise to be better, maybe... If you do want to keep up with everything that's happening, facebook is where I tend to be best at staying alive and you get the bonus of seeing new work in progress and the finished product.

I had a crazy busy market season last summer and this summer is looking just as busy, if not more! Trips are in the planning stages to go to Nelson, Dunedin, Queenstown, Wanaka and places in between, not to mention everything happening in Canterbury.

Today I've been on a mission to get my website sorted, it's only taken two years... it should be live by the end of the week, just have to a few more things to sort out. And my blog got a makeover! Who noticed?

I'm also looking into getting prints done of certain paintings and also bookmarks and cards printed rather than me painting each and every one of them. Woohoo no more hours and hours and hours of making bookmarks!! Do I come across as too excited? :p There will still be some handmade bookmarks floating around but I'm aiming to spend more time on making other art.

An artists blog shouldn't be published without some photos of some of that art stuff so here is a few photos of what went to Kaiapoi Art Expo this year. It went fantastically, sixteen works went, eight found new homes from there and a further three found new homes within a week. One step closer to world domination!

In omnia paratus finished and Meeting of the minds in progress.
In omnia paratus
Ink and watercolour
Meeting of the mind
Ink and watercolour
Not Ready Yet
Mixed Medium
One Day

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Resurrection Blogfest

So Mina Lobo's blog Some Dark Romantic turns the fabulous age of one today and she decided to host this blogfest in which we resurrect something from our first year here in the blogosphere.

So here it is. First published on Tuesday 30th August 2011. I believe it was the fifth post ever. Why this one? Well, why not?

What is it without honesty?

An artist has been defined as a neurotic who continually cures himself with his art.  ~ Lee Simonson 

It has to be honest. It doesn’t matter what it is, what label it fits under. As long as you can connect to the humanity in it.

Isn’t it part of the point of this life thing? To connect to someone, or something. To feel like someone out there understands you. Understands that we’re all a bit broken. That as different as we claim we are, we’re all the same. That we love and lose, survive when we’re sure that we can’t.

So how do you make something honest if you don’t put your heart and soul into it? Don’t rip yourself apart and put everything out there. How can I expect you to connect to some paint thrown around if I don’t put a part of me in it? Whether it’s a cutesy little picture with a few select words or something that has destroyed me, it won’t connect if it’s empty.

Isn’t this what an artist is meant to do? Put images, sound, words, movement, to emotions. To try to put those same things to how we see the world. To do it in a way that makes you find something in it, because when it comes down to it, as much as I do this for me I hope that when you see it you find something in it, something that you can relate to.

This is everything for me. How I survive. This is how I connect to myself. And to you, because anyone who really knows me knows how much I fail at connecting with people in the flesh. And it’s hard. And it’s scary. But it’s nowhere near as hard and scary as it is to try and be someone else. Nowhere near as hard as it is to try and function in this world without repeatedly breaking myself apart on canvas.

But is spewing the crap that’s inside my head and heart even art? Or is it just a way to avoid spending thousands on a therapist. I’ve been down the psychiatrist/psychologist/therapist route, had more of them than I can count on one hand and none of them ever helped me as much as picking up a pencil has. So is this art or art therapy?

But if there is a part of me in each piece, actually me and not just what I think you want to see, it's honest. And if it's honest there is a chance that you might connect. That you might find something in it that helps you. But even if it's honest and you connect is it art? Or is that what makes it art?

Monday 22 October 2012

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.

So it's been a mad few months. House sitting, Kaiapoi Art Expo, staying with a broken friend, more house sitting, a bunch of markets. Barely time to think, let alone get a blog post together.

When I Go
Acrylic, 2012
Nine works went to Kaiapoi Art Expo seven sold, I called it successful. And then I got commission work from it as well. Bonus. Not bad for things I only pulled together in the two weeks before it was on. Can you tell I am highly organised?!

Pencil, 2012

Market life has started again with four down and almost every weekend and a bunch of weekdays booked up from now until February. Madness! Being a reclusive artist was much less work.... If you're in Canterbury, Nelson or Dunedin (New Zealand) check out the market page because I'm coming to you!

I'm sure last time I posted I said interesting things were being plotted. I had planned to get a calendar sorted for 2013 but have you ever found out what it costs to get them printed in full colour?! Insanely expensive. So it won't be happening this year, I might look into doing pre order for 2014 and get folks to pay up front so I can afford to get it done. Would anyone be keen for Sophie (the girl in black) and friends calendar?

I did manage to find time to paint a picture for a soon to be a published author friend and turn it into a banner for her blog. So head over to Mutterings from the oubliette and check it out full size.

I almost forgot! My oddball hats made it onto the national news!! Ok so it was part of a clip about LUXCity that is a festival bringing life back to the Christchurch CBD but still they made it on there, and even better I wasn't in the shot! Not sure if it can be viewed from other countries but this is the link to it, LUXCity.

Right I really should get onto making a bazillion hats, this whole selling things is great but then I actually have to make more...

Thursday 6 September 2012

Is there a smell in here?

I may still appear to be dead but I haven't started to smell the place out yet... have I?

Life is a pesky thing when it gets too full of other things. Things need to be drawn and written but I just don't have the time for at least another week.

Expect a blog post in the next few weeks when things settle down. Things of awesome have happened in the hidden land and lots of things are being plotted. :D

If you happen to be in the area I'm going to be at Woodend School Fair on Sunday the 16th of September, come and say hello.

Saturday 7 July 2012

I'm not dead.

A highly exciting Friday night spent waiting for paint to dry so more paint can be added. Fun times I tell you!

I didn’t mean to go missing from the blogosphere for so long it’s just that there really hasn’t been much happening. Art took a backseat to life and I’ve barely had time to pick up a pencil in months. I blame horses and snow. And books, yes books, I’m starting to think that half the reason I’ve been so busy the last month is that I’ve read 25 of them. Oops. But with two weeks until this exhibition I really have to quit reading and make some art.

I’m not freaking out that I haven’t got it done yet. Everyone around me is! I’ve started, have the biggest one half done and another one sketched. So out of nine I’m not doing too badly! I’ll get them all done. I always do.

The awesome Mina Lobo blogged about yours truly the other day, go here if you want to go and check it out and hello if you’re here from there!

That’s it. That’s all. I don’t even have any art to add.