Monday, 22 October 2012

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.

So it's been a mad few months. House sitting, Kaiapoi Art Expo, staying with a broken friend, more house sitting, a bunch of markets. Barely time to think, let alone get a blog post together.

When I Go
Acrylic, 2012
Nine works went to Kaiapoi Art Expo seven sold, I called it successful. And then I got commission work from it as well. Bonus. Not bad for things I only pulled together in the two weeks before it was on. Can you tell I am highly organised?!

Pencil, 2012

Market life has started again with four down and almost every weekend and a bunch of weekdays booked up from now until February. Madness! Being a reclusive artist was much less work.... If you're in Canterbury, Nelson or Dunedin (New Zealand) check out the market page because I'm coming to you!

I'm sure last time I posted I said interesting things were being plotted. I had planned to get a calendar sorted for 2013 but have you ever found out what it costs to get them printed in full colour?! Insanely expensive. So it won't be happening this year, I might look into doing pre order for 2014 and get folks to pay up front so I can afford to get it done. Would anyone be keen for Sophie (the girl in black) and friends calendar?

I did manage to find time to paint a picture for a soon to be a published author friend and turn it into a banner for her blog. So head over to Mutterings from the oubliette and check it out full size.

I almost forgot! My oddball hats made it onto the national news!! Ok so it was part of a clip about LUXCity that is a festival bringing life back to the Christchurch CBD but still they made it on there, and even better I wasn't in the shot! Not sure if it can be viewed from other countries but this is the link to it, LUXCity.

Right I really should get onto making a bazillion hats, this whole selling things is great but then I actually have to make more...