Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Please let me into your asylum

Forked in the head
Ink and water colour

There are some people’s heads I want to crawl around in. Just walk in quietly and have a look around, maybe grab a coffee in their asylum (everyone has one in their head right? You know, the place you try to contain all the really crazy people that run around your skull). It’s not creepy, really. I’m just curious as to how their brains work, if they are similar to mine. If it would feel more like home than reality does.

Other people’s heads have always fascinated me. What’s normal, what’s not. What’s the difference between crazy and creative. How thin that line can be and how often it can be crossed. Of all the people’s heads I want to crawl into they are all creatives and/or crazy.

Creatives. We’re wired differently, it’s that simple.

Interestingly I want to wander around more musicians heads than any other types. There are a handful of visual artists on the list and a couple of writers but mostly it’s musicians, it might have something to do with the fact that I can’t play any instrument at all. Not even slightly, my brother definitely inherited all the musical genes. Or it might just be that I started hunting out weird music before hunting for weird art and books. Who knows but they make up the bulk of the list.

It would be interesting to be able to do it, wander around and see how connections are made, how thoughts are processed. How they have come up with the things they have. How they think.

How do you think?

Listening to: Mr. Bungle
Reading: Five or six books that I haven’t had time to pick up in over a week. Sadface.