Sunday, 7 August 2011

A collection of things you may or may not know, or want to know, about me…

I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. - Kurt Cobain

1          I put ice cream in the microwave.
2          I have a painting I can’t look at upside down.
3          I didn’t finish high school because I went crazy.
4          I love spiders.
5          I have a long standing deep hatred for the term ‘best friend’.
6          I’m a mutant but I’m still waiting for my super powers to kick in.
7          Being able to make art keeps me alive.
8          I’m considering starting a cat breeding programme now so I can have some seriously crazy bloodlines going when I’m an old crazy cat lady.
9          I started hallucinating around the time I learnt to walk.
10        I never wanted to grow up because I knew what I’d have to deal with when it happened.
11        I’m not meant to be here.
12        I people watch way too much, it borders on stalker territory at times.
13        I wanted to paint my bedroom walls black when I was six… it took 14 more years until it happened.
14        I’m squishier on the inside than most people think.
15        I have a freakish memory and I need a better filing system in my brain.
16        I currently have an addiction to Minesweeper.
17        I spent over ten years living because I felt obligated to. Not because I wanted to.
18        I know nothing but I know too much.
19        Most of the time I’d rather fall into my head than spend time with people.
20        I think too much.
21        I want a panther, albino Burmese python and a tarantula.
22        I know the difference between quirky crazy and crazy crazy.
23        I don’t smoke and I have the most fucked lungs of anyone I know.
24        I quit eating seafood when I was 10. Then meat when I was 12. These days I eat chicken and fish.
25        I hate it when people aren’t honest. I don’t care if I’m not going to like what you say just don’t try to feed me bullshit.
26        I miss and worry about my crazy friends more than I ever let them know.
27        I put my mum off having the six kids she wanted. 
28        I’m happy being a weird crazy alien.
29        I still have scars from years of self injury but there is nothing younger than six years old. There could have been.
30        I was once a light blonde haired child who wore lots of pink.
31        I’d rather be up all night than all day.
32        I’ve heard too many things that come after ‘I’ve never told anyone this’ and I wonder why you decided to tell me.
33        I have an obsession with metal, ink and skin.
34        I’ve drawn since I could hold a pencil.
35        I love heights and am sure I can fly… bad combination.
36        I mimic a long list of diseases but it’s presumed I have Acute Intermittent Porphyria.
36        I gave my Barbies green hair, a red + blue Mohawk and tattoos amoung other things.  
37        I wonder how long this list should be.

Keeping my ears happy: Jeff Buckley - Live at Sin-é
Eye spasms caused by: Dave Pelzer - A Child called 'It'.