Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I looked into the mirror and A to Z was looking back at me.

What happens when you do the A to Z!
I signed up early March thinking sweet it’s a month away that gives me time to get everything written and drawn. Why I ever thought that I’d be that organised I don’t know! With most rhymes sorted and only a handful of pictures done April 1st arrived. A fantastic start with A not drawn until mid afternoon… however I got to the end and only a few were drawn and uploaded in the last hour (or minutes) of the day!

Random thoughts:
1.      Trying to visit nearly 2000 blogs in a month with dial up is a lesson in patience, cursing and dealing with RSI. Yes, I got RSI from constantly hitting refresh when they wouldn’t load. And I only got through 300…
2.      CAPTCHA doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother everyone else.
3.      I don’t understand getting followers just to get followers. I’d rather have people follow that are interested in what I do, not because they feel like they should. (Talking following – what happened to Follow up there at the top? It’s now Share…)
4.      Behind writer blogs, the most common blogs I came across were religion and mummy blogs. Only a tiny handful of art or music ones, sigh, maybe I’m yet to get to them.
5.      I think Mina Lobo's Blog Drinking Game is a fantastic idea.
6.      Drawing a character for every letter was harder than I thought it would be. I think if I’d stuck to my usual way of drawing them it would have been easier. But where is the fun in that?
7.      I got a whole heap of visitors, but I’m pretty sure 700 of them weren’t from China and Russia… but yay to the real visitors!
8.      I spent far too much time on this and ignored all the other art that needs doing.

So that’s it. A to Z done. Will I do it again next year? Maybe. Depends on where life is and what’s happening. Will I blog more from now on? I hope so. Will I visit everyone on the sign up Linky List. Eventually!