Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The wisdom of Calvin.

This is me completely. Nothing happens until five hours after the 'oh shit it needs to be finished by tomorrow' moment. Which is why I found myself still trying to figure out what I am doing for an exhibition in July half an hour before I had to have the paperwork in the post (oh and I live a 10 minute drive from the nearest post office). The worst thing is is that I've know about it for months, the work should be finished (or at least started!) by now, all things like title, medium, size, price should be figured out after, not before! I have just under two months to get the work done and I know I'll still be doing it the morning of. One day I'll change... yeah probably not.
Calvin and Hobbs
Yes I did get it in and only one of nine is untitled! Ok, that one is also completely unknown as to what it will be other than size, medium and price but it will be there... this is so not the right way to do things...