Thursday, 10 May 2012

Welcome to my world.

I have my mojo back! It’s exciting after having misplaced it for the past month. I have all these ideas of what to do for a portfolio to send off to publishers. Now I just have to get the website up and running properly, oh and draw the pictures… minor details.

All sorts of other things to get done as well, I really need to get Goblin Riot finished. Only three spreads to go but it just hasn’t happened.

I want to get the photography thing back up and going again, I miss running around with a black growth at the end of my arm. Talking images of the art I’ve made just isn’t the same.

There is a local art exhibition in July which anyone can hand over some $ for and get a panel at but everything needs to be in by the end of this month. I need to know titles, size, medium. Would be simple if I had done the work in advance but well, I’m me, last minute is more my style so chances are it won’t be done until July. I just need to figure out what to do now so I can get the forms sent in!

I have to make a plushie zombie for Anita! How awesome!! I think I have the pattern sorted so now to make a mock up to check it works then go fabric hunting and making! And talking Anita, a crazy writer girl laptop cover has to be drawn… ohhh and all those other commissions for other friends that I promised I’d get onto asap… where did my list go? (Friends: If you’re reading this and I said I’d do something for you, REMIND ME!)

Eep I didn’t plan to come here to create a list of things I need to do, merely to come and say I GOT MY MOJO BACK! To say HELLO new followers and put up some pics of some of the things I drag around to markets so you can see more than what I did for A to Z. And that there is a whole heap more on facebook if you want to head over there and “Like” it.

So with no more rambling here is some of what I do...

I make bookmarks. They are all handpainted so although similar are all original.

I do a pictures that are 16x21cm (framed). A bunch of these are also available on clothing through Print Mighty.

I make furry hats with ears... they go nicely with my gorilla slippers! Made from faux fur and felt, I make a range of colour combinations and ear types.

I was going to put some band photos up now but blogger has decided to crap out on me and the insert  image bit isn't working. Useless! So if you want to see some photos leave a comment and I'll put them up next post.

Now I feel like I need to put a disclaimer up about how it's all copyrighted to me so don't go stealing anything. But if you want to buy I ship worldwide! Yes shameless give me money plug, I'm a broke artist!